Charlie Forray


    I was born in Los Angeles California and stripped away in my babe-hood to be raised in Massachusetts. Amidst the sprawling evergreens of my neighborhood, I developed the forgotten childhood skills of climbing trees and playing make believe with my friends. As a perimeter seeking and energetic youth, I was a lot to handle for my parents. In their infinite wisdom they chose to channel my energy by putting me in gymnastics five nights a week. 

    Now equipped with the skills to tumble every which way, I was a hit at recess. As ruler of the foursquare court and entrepreneur in the Pokemon card black market as well, I have always felt like I attract good people. Not people that wanted to take advantage of my backflips or my first edition Charizard card, but people that enjoy my company. This would remain true to this day with some of my nearest and dearest friends dating back to when we were in diapers together.

    Years later, and now in middle school, my interests began to transition. I realized that I did not want to be an olympic gymnast, though I totally could have been if I wanted to. Instead, I wanted to explore the performing arts and professionally play make believe some day. I soon found my first home base in this field in Deerfield Massachusetts at a summer arts camp called DASAC.

    DASAC is the birthplace of countless artists in New England. It is a developmental mecca for anyone looking to push their creative boundaries in studio and performance art. Between the ages of 11 and 16, I trained in the art of art. Every summer would be start to finish exploration of performance and creation. There was a stage for my friends and me to develop original plays. There was filmmaking equipment for us to produce Oscar caliber stories. There was even a rad staff of college aged councilors. Years later, I would even teach at DASAC, completing one of the many full circles in my life.

    Teaching Acting, Dance, and writing at DASAC was my first milestone as an artist. The second was being accepted into Ithaca college’s prestiges acting program. Then, I was accepted to train at The Moscow Arts Theater, in Moscow Russia. With four months training toe to toe with The Ruskies, I refined my skill set as a creator. This maturation and global perspective gave me new fuel as an artist and I was ready to return to my original home, Los Angeles California.

    Now back in LA, I am doing everything I have ever wanted with this stage of my life. I am Acting, I am writing, and I am producing original work. But now, I am ready to take the leap to the next stage. 28 years has proven to me that I can pursue and accomplish everything I have ever wanted. I can do it with positivity, I can do it with perspective, and I can do it with backflips. 


    Lets make some terrific stories together.