Space House

Created on a shoestring budget, a couple pizzas, and a bunch of art department stuff from Target that I promptly returned after production; came Space House!

Now the series itself is more of a proof of concept than a finished project. The project itself is in the editing faze anyway so if you or Jerry Bruckheimer would be interested in buying it, please REACH OUT TO ME! (This is a clickable link to my contact form..) Or, wait until the show is edited and let me pitch you on it. Remember, it's a proof of concept and I'm a highly trained actor so the pitch might sweep you off your feet and wallet.

Kleenex Spec Commercial

Here's a cute story. I made this Kleenex commercial on the right. I made it as a exercise in short form creativity and to also give my commercial casting directors some good content. After it was finished, I was pleased with the product. So pleased that I tweeted it to Kimberly Clark International, the parent company of Kleenex Brand. They liked it!


But they sent me the politest form of a cease and desist letter I have ever seen. They told me they did 'in house' advertising and couldn't purchase from third parties. Which was sweet, because I wasn't trying to sell it to them. Then they followed it up with something sweeter.


THEY SENT ME FREE KLEENEX! Now I'm not a huge fan of the lotion kind or really the scented kind but I fricken love swag. I'm thinking about making more stuff now that I know about swag. Cash, retweets, and swag please.